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As your wealth, assets and family grows, so does the complexity of financial instruments required to safeguard them and ensure you leave a lasting legacy. This is particularly true of high net worth, ultra-high net worth and high-profile personalities. Their unique lifestyle and risk profile require sophisticated, tailored and flexible solutions to ensure their lives and possessions along with those of their families are well protected.



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Asset protection

  • High net worth household

  • Holiday homes and overseas properties

  • Fine art collections

  • Valuables (including antiques, jewellery, literary collections etc.)

  • High net worth motor (including classic cars)

  • Yachts

  • Aircraft


Lifestyle protection

  • Global medical cover

  • High value life insurance

  • Kidnap, ransom and extortion

  • Travel security

  • Cyber and privacy insurance

Investment control and retirement planning

Analyze your income, risk and investments to determine if your portfolio is in tune with your risk profile.  Regularly review your investment goals and make adjustments to your investment parameters in response to capital markets and changes in your risk exposure.

Wills and trusts

“Will” is a mandatory assignment of financial planning. It is a legal requirement for estate planning for citizens in many countries and vitally important for expats. By definition of the word, a “will' is a choice that an individual set. Technically, it is a legal document that sets forth your wishes regarding the distribution of your property, your assets and the care of any minor children in the event of death.

Why do I need one?
Creating a “will” gives you sole discretion over the distribution of your financial assets, property, family heirlooms and even provision for care of minor children. If you have a business or investments, your “will” can direct smooth transition of those assets and minimize tensions among survivors. 

Business Protection

  • Business protection

  • Succession planning

  • Key person insurance

  • Shareholder protection

Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Social impact/philanthropy

  • Financial Literacy Seminars for Schools and

  • Financial Literacy Seminars for Employees Camps

  • Kids Finance Initiative:

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