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Why Insurance ?

-Why are we leaving Unforeseen Circumstances to Chance......when the WHO reports confirms that by the year 2020 1:2 will be critically Ill.

-Why do we think that its going to be him/her and not going to be me who will face such Problems.

-Why we even after experiencing it personally in our family or even after hearing and seeing the real life case histories do not do anything in terms of Protecting our Financial health or Future.

- Why we believe that GOD is there to help us and protect us but still lock the door of our house or Car. But if asked to lock the the Safety of Financial Health by way of Insuring we give all responsibility to GOD. Yes of course,  he is there to help you but he has given us a brain to think. It is like if we work in an organisation ... the BIG Boss is there for our major decisions and issues ... but he expects you to take a certain decision and he delegates works. That is the reason why he gives you an Income and you are Employed.

Now try this ... start taking all - each and every decision to your BOSS and see ....... he will throw you out for just from work ..... too inefficient and dependent with work.

BOSS needs INDEPENDENT worker.

On the other Hand ....... GOD will not throw you out from his favorite LIST because he has promised to take care of you and will do it even better than what you could have done for yourself.

However the question still remains.

WHY do we depend on GOD ????

Why after still knowing understanding  and Experiencing we do not think about Planning for Future.

Why do we create a situation that GOD forbid if need arises we do not have an Insurance and then we are dependent on Children 's. They themselves have there own responsibilities of LIFE and then we BURDEN them more. I do understand that since it is Our Children's and also we have trained them to take care of us. Why we are dependent on them ??

Yes i understand that we have a GOOD  upbringing and culturally they will be there to take care of US ... still ... my question is WHY ????? Why  ????

WHY ????????????????????????????

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